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Idag ger vi oss ut på långtur över höglandet, pappa, jag, Åsa och ett helt gäng glada ryttare! Här följer en beskrivning av turen:

6 day ride in north Iceland covering old riding trails and through amazing landscape of  the area around lake Mývatn.  Daily rides are around 30 – 45 km. We stay overnight either at Saltvík farm where we can enjoy  hot pools every night after long days in the saddle,or  at some isolated abandoned farms  at the edge of the highlands of Iceland.

Monday  22.7 Saltvík – Þeistareykir. (30 km.)  The first riding day takes us over  the heaths around Saltvík towards our favorite mountainhut at Þeistareykir  where we spend the first night surrounded by hotsprings  and energetic  (but sleeping ) volcanoes! 

Tuesday 23.7  Þeistareykir  – Reykjahlíð  (35 km.) We ride from Þeistareykir down to lake Mývatn  following great riding trail through valleys and lavafields , hopefully we have clear sky to enjoy the magnificent view over the lake and it´s surroundings  when we approach in the afternoon! After the ride we take a bath in Jarðböð which most of you already know from our  former tours.  Our place for the night is an old farmhouse called „Heiði“ , The farm is located in the hills south of Mývatn and offers a great view over the lake and the  volcanic mountaincircle around it! The farm is isolated and abandoned and only rented out to privat groups  so  We have it all for our self.

Wednesday 24.7  Reykjahlíð – Heiði  (35 km) Today we ride around the lake towards the mighty volcano Hverfjall  and through  the lavafields  that surround the  lake .  Some parts of the trail are sometimes described as „ moonlike“  and in fact the astronauts  Armstrong and his fellows   exercised  in this area for their   first human visit to the moon!!                                                                 
We end our trip at the old farm Heiði where we spend another night.

Thursday 25.7 Heiði – Stóra Tunga  35 km.  The ride continues  through the heaths on perfect riding trails towards the valley Bárðardalur located at the edge of the mighty lavafields of Ódáðahraun which is well known from the history and old sagas of outlaws  and elfs that live there! Overnight we stay in another abandoned old farmhouse at Stóratunga. In the evening it is possible to walk (or ride )down to the waterfall  „Aldeyjarfoss „  which is a located nearby the farm.

Friday 26.7 Stóra Tunga – Fosshóll  (45 km) We ride down the valley Bárðardalur  and cross the river „Skjálfandafljót“  on our way . The whole day we follow the river on the riverbanks that are ideal for fast and furious töltriding!!  In the end of the day we come to the waterfall „Goðafoss“  We leave the horses behind there and drive home to Saltvík where we stay the two last nights.

Saturday 27.7 Fosshóll – Aðalból  (35 km) We ride over Fljótsheiði down to Reykjadalur valley through the forest of Vatnshlíð along lake Vestmannsvatn where the one of the first settlers of Iceland was supposed to have lived  in the very first years of Icelandic settlements around 1000 years ago! The ride ends at Aðalból farm where we say goodbye to our horses and drive back home to Saltvík for the last farwell party!

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